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Never has it been more crucial for hotels and resorts to assure guests and travel advisors of their commitment to health and safety.

Developed in response to the catastrophic impact of COVID-19, Sharecare health security verification with Forbes Travel Guide enables hotels to monitor their protocols and earn a VERIFIED™ health security badge.

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Sharecare | HealthSecurity
How it works.
Verify. Screen. Scan.
Sharecare | HealthSecurity
Sharecare | HealthSecurityMobile-friendly chatbot platform — nothing to install, just log in and get started
Sharecare | HealthSecurityConfirms the protocols you already have in place and helps highlight any gaps based on up-to-date global health requirements
Sharecare | HealthSecurityManagement dashboard monitors continued compliance across key operational areas
Sharecare | HealthSecurity
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Health Security Verification

Sharecare's health security program helps you verify and monitor your hotel's compliance with expert-validated protocols to minimize the impact of public health events – today and in the future.

Our15-minute webinaroffers a tour of the platform and more details.

It's easy to get started

Your Sharecare VERIFIED™ with Forbes Travel Guide badge shows that your hotel or resort is verified on a full range of expert-validated health and safety protocols, providing instantly recognizable third-party assurance that gives guests and travel advisors peace of mind.

1. Onboard your facility

Log in into health security platform to create your facility, manage your users and see your dashboard.

2. Take the assessment

Complete the assessment. Once the initial verification is complete, regular monthly updates take about an hour for most properties.

3. Get your VERIFIED™ Badge

Display your badge to show that you are actively taking the right steps to ensure health and safety.

Sharecare | HealthSecurity

Sharecare's VERIFIED™ solution makes it easy for guests and travel advisors to see that your hotel is maintaining the right health security measures, verified by a trusted third party.

PricingReady to get your badge?

Pricing is based on room count, at $1 USD per room per month, with a minimum of $150/month. For Forbes Travel Guide Global Partners, there is no charge for your VERIFIED™ badge in 2021.

For group pricing of 10 hotels or more, pleaseContact us.

5 stages to verify your hotel's health security

Hotels earn the Sharecare VERIFIED™ with Forbes Travel Guide badge by completing and maintaining verification on more than 360 global health security standards. The comprehensive assessment covers:

Health & HygieneSection 1
CommunicationSection 2
Prepare BuildingSection 3
Physical DistancingSection 4
AdministrationSection 5

More hotels are becoming VERIFIED™ daily.

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Sharecare | HealthSecurity

Sharecare health security verification with Forbes Travel Guide is the most cutting-edge product available, and it can be used with high confidence at any establishment. The platform was very user-friendly and efficient, offering a sense of ownership and accountability in a clear and concise format.



Sharecare | HealthSecurity
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VERIFIED™ simplifies messaging to guests and travel advisors by providing a trusted third-party seal of approval – so they can spend time learning about your property rather than sifting through safety protocols.

With more than half a dozen SARS and H1Nx outbreaks over recent years, including COVID-19, health safety has become an essential concern for guests and travel advisors.

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